The steps to save social security for future generations in the us

To force these people to race around in their late sixties waiting on tables, changing bed pans, or cleaning offices would introduce a brutal class bias to Social Security. Use the chained consumer price index that results in annual benefits increases that are about 0.

It is unfortunate that many of those pushing for privatization have based their projections for stock returns on a naive extrapolation from the past.

Most Americans say they would rather pay more than see Social Security cut. Gradually decrease benefits for the highest 50 percent earners by using a sliding scale that goes as high as a 28 percent reduction for the highest earners.

This step would reduce the long-term shortfall by approximately 0. Self-employed workers pay both the employer and employee shares for a total of The crippling of the program through misinformation and scare tactics would be a national tragedy.

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GOP Plans to Cut Social Security-Reported as Fiction!

Administering this account at a 0. The changes in the calculation of the consumer price index are important for Social Security because benefits for retirees are indexed to it.

This benefit is phased down, so that a person who has worked 20 years will get a benefit equal to half of the poverty level. The additional funding being proposed here for Social Security averages less than 1. As you use the program, you'll soon find that no single benefit reduction gets you close to balancing the books.

Instead of having to borrow or raise taxes to pay for the transition, Congress will have to forego funding other programs or providing tax relief that it would have otherwise. The table also does not take account of the variability of benefits under this plan.

The plan will also create an enormous bounty for the financial industry, since individuals will be forced to pay large fees on this portion of their retirement income. If we are to guarantee that future COLAs adequately reflect the true cost-of-living for seniors, Congress must modify the method that it is calculated.

By the normal retirement age will be 67, instead of the current For example, privatization proposals must be financed by a transition tax, either transparent or hidden, since benefits must still be paid out to current retirees while a portion of current taxes are being placed in private accounts.

The impact of this increase for moderate income workers could be offset through an expansion of the earned income tax credit.

Here's What Social Security Will Look Like by the Time Millennials Retire

Second, the government will have to borrow. Only 30 percent said it was very likely or extremely likely they will be able to rely on Social Security.

Updating Social Security for the 21st Century: 12 Proposals You Should Know About

Using the CBO projections for the period through instead of the trustees projections would add two years of solvency to the fund, pushing the date of depletion out to The projected returns on the individual savings account assume that money placed in these accounts is split evenly between stocks and bonds.

It will also make the benefit far more insecure, since a significant portion of it will be subject to the random fluctuations in financial markets and the luck and skill with which workers choose investment instruments.

Since the oldest elderly are also the poorest elderly, the proposal to cut the COLA will have the biggest impact on the poorest of the elderly — people who are struggling to get by and who are trying to avoid being a burden on their families.

Updating Social Security for the 21st Century: 12 Proposals You Should Know About

However, it is difficult to justify using a regressive Social Security tax to finance other categories of government spending, as the commission proposes. The same assumption is also made in assessing the Scheiber-Weaver plan. Social Security should continue to reward work. The high-cost scenario assumes that the annual administrative costs will be 2.You’ve paid into Social Security, and you deserve to know what changes are being proposed and how each might affect you, your kids and generations to come.

The world has changed a lot in 80 years. Social Security needs to be updated for the 21st century so we can keep the promise we’ve made to future generations. Vice President Al Gore wants to “save Social Security the right way.” Texas Gov.

George W. Bush says that his plan will “save Social Security for future generations.”. Increase Social Security taxes. Workers currently pay percent of their earnings into the Social Security system up to $, in Doing so would eliminate the budget shortfall in Social Security since it would tie each generations' benefit payments to the amount they paid into the program.

Social Security has been an enormously successful program. Over the last 60 years it has lifted tens of millions of retired and disabled workers and their families out of poverty, and it provides the core income that allows workers to enjoy a dignified retirement without burdening their children or the public welfare.

Assuming no future change in the law, this question can be answered directly by focusing on the "solvency" of the Social Security trust funds. Solvency for the Social Security program is defined as the ability of the trust funds at any point in time to pay the full scheduled benefits in the law on a timely basis.

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The steps to save social security for future generations in the us
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